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SELECTED BYLINES (2021 - 2023)

I sometimes write for other places! Here's an index of all of it!

You can find it more curated version on my Muckrack here.


20 Years later, Wario Land 4's Sound Room Still Haunts Me



'The Magical Courtroom' - Exploits #42


Dragon's Dogma Deserves More From Capcom

Into The Spine


An Aesthetic History of Video Game Currency

Lock-On Journal - Lost In Cult

'Architects of Decay' - Volume 002 - November 2021

PLAY Magazine

  • Voice of Cards: The Isle Dragon Roars Review - Issue 8 

  • Dynasty Warriors 9: Empires Review - Issue 12

  • Young Souls Review - Issue 14

  • Voice of Cards: Beasts of Burden Review

Anime Herald

In Kaiju No. 8, Giant Monsters Threaten Your Dreams

Tabletop Gaming Magazine

Issue 52 - March 2021 - 'What Makes a CCG Theme Work?'

Medium - Secret Skeleton



     One Piece Card Game Preview

The Tokusatsu Network

What Makes a Good Redemption Arc in Tokusatsu?

VGKAMI - Anime Section

All my posts on VGKAMI

TheGamer - Guides Section

All my posts on TheGamer

Tofu Cute Blog

All Posts

Neokyo Blog

All Posts

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